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Invite memories of the

outdoors into your home.


Welcome to Kelly Frappier Larson Art

Welcome to my art studio located just outside of Denver, Colorado.  Here I create vibrant landscapes that evoke warm, awe-inspiring, and peaceful scenes of untouched nature.

Keep up with me, Kelly, to see my latest collection of oil paintings come to life, be the first to know about my upcoming exhibitions, and check out my original oil paintings in my shop today!


I'm so happy you're here!

“I paint with the intention of capturing the memory of a place with a dream-like lens over it.”

-Kelly Frappier Larson

How my style has developed

Creating art is a journey that builds over time.  Artists collect memories, experiences, and curate them to develop the style that they work in.  For each canvas, I pull from my own memories and photos I’ve taken of hikes, camp fires, road trips, vacations, sunsets, and other journeys into nature.

"Dreamy Naturalism” is the contemporary painting style I believe best describes my work.  The way I layer my paint, color choices, subject and point of view of my work add up to show the way that I view nature.  My paintings are meant to be an open ended story that encourages you as the viewer, to explore your memories and complete the story of the painting.

I have spent years playing with the techniques and multimedia accents used in my layered oil on canvas original paintings.  I mix use of blended brush strokes with brushwork as a texture to create a rich appearance while also giving motion to the scene.  My work frequently has layers of graphite and colored wax pencils layered into wet paint to create additional texture and detail.

As far as color palettes- oil paints create the most lavish and dreamlike colors possible.  I use an unlimited palette of colors for each piece to inspire the imagination and capture a dreamlike effect.  I try to take each color to the border of unrealistic for nature while still maintaining a dreamlike representation of the landscape.  Each painting is meant to capture the fleeting and momentary light from the sun moving across the sky and represent an entire memory of while I was there.  My vibrant color palette is meant to translate the dreamlike and awe inspiring feelings that I get while outdoors.

I hope my paintings have you completing the story from our own memories in nature and inspires nostalgia and wanderlust in you.

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What I'm Working on

Most of my art has been created outside of themed collections as stand alone pieces.  I’ve preferred to take on projects that speak to me on a whim.  ‘Inward Journey Outward’ is my first formal body of work that was designed as a large collection.

 ‘Inward Journey Outward’ is an autobiographical approach that follows me from my east coast roots to my move to the Western US.  From the Atlantic coastlines to the Rockies and the heartlands in between, designing this collection captured my imagination with the distinct shapes, colors, and landscapes of the American continent.  While landscapes are typically thought of as traditional, my color palette and dreamlike perspective brings a sense of playful wonder to this collection in the works!


Dreamy Naturalism


Why collect art?

Do you love owning beautiful things and want to surround yourself with memories of the natural world? Well, that’s a good enough excuse- but there are so many more reasons to start an art collection.

Falling in love with artwork can be as simple as seeing it as a reminder of places you’ve been or would love to go, a style or color palette you’re taken with, or just  coordinating decor for your home.  To some, collecting artwork is a game, a pursuit of determining which artists, art movements, color pallets, and subjects you want to be surrounded by at home. 

With my artist prints, I want to ensure that my art is accessible to people who love it, but aren’t able to commit to the size or cost of a one of a kind original piece.  As my originals are painted in layers, and the dry time of oil paintings can be days or weeks- original pieces can take months to create.


Artist Prints

With an original oil painting, the texture of the paint and captured brushstroke texture adds movement to the canvas.  Original oil paintings are able to capture the glow of suspended pigments due to oil’s semi translucent nature.




Invite memories of the outdoors into your home.

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