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Invite memories of the

outdoors into your home.


Welcome to Kelly Frappier Larson Art

Welcome to my art studio, nestled just outside Denver, Colorado. Here, I create vibrant landscapes, capturing the warmth, awe, and tranquility of untouched nature.

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creamy iridescent paint swoosh.
Vibrant oil paint on a palette in an artist studio.
Artist Kelly Frappier Larson pointing to an Art Girl Rising t shirt with famous female artist names.
creamy paper texture
Artist Kelly Frappier Larson rolling up her sleeves and putting up her hair to work
iridescent peachy paint swoosh

I'm so happy you're here!

This is your sign to collect art that reminds you of your favorite fresh air adventures.

-Kelly Frappier Larson

iridescent peachy paint swoosh
creamy iridescent paint swoosh.

Browse my entire collection

Commissioning art is a great way to personalize your collection and acquire artworks that complement your living space, home decor, and style. To start the process of capturing your memories in my signature style check out the free guide in my shop!

Behind the scenes art studio with a work in progress painting and art supplies.

There's something magical about an original painting. The texture of the paint and captured brushstroke give the canvas life, creating a feeling of movement. Oil paints have a semi-translucent quality that gives the painting a beautiful and unique glow.  Check out my gallery shop for available originals today!

Interior decorator photograph of a neutral living room space with a vibrant landscape oil painting.
creamy iridescent paint swoosh.
iridescent peachy paint swoosh

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What I'm Working on

My latest oil paintings take an autobiographical approach that follows my travels from my east coast roots to my move across the Western US.  From the Atlantic coastlines to the Rockies and the heartlands in between, designing this collection captured my imagination with the distinct shapes, colors, and landscapes of the American continent. 


While landscapes are typically thought of as traditional, the color palette and dreamlike perspective brings a sense of playful wonder to this collection in the works!

creamy iridescent paint swoosh.

Join me in my Studio

Behind the scenes art studio with a work in progress painting and art supplies.

Invite memories of the outdoors into your home.

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