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Artist Kelly Frappier Larson smiling and painting
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Kelly Frappier Larson was born in 1988 in Rhode Island. Frappier Larson received their Bachelor in Fine Arts in Fashion Design, specializing in Knitwear at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Frappier Larson has been included in various exhibitions, including Road Less Traveled at EDGE Gallery, Denver, CO, and Bloom at the R.W. Norton Museum in Shreveport, LA. Upcoming shows include Inward Journey Outward, Front Porch Coffee Shop, Lakewood, Colorado. Frappier Larson currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Kelly Frappier Larson Curriculum vitae

About the artist

Kelly Frappier Larson, an oil painter based in Denver, Colorado, draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring landscapes of the American West. Specializing in vibrant, contemporary landscape works, her art captures the essence of untouched wilderness, reflecting the epic mountains, meadows, alpine lakes, and valley views surrounding her home and travels.

Originally from Rhode Island, Kelly's artistic journey led her to the Rockies in 2016, where she has crafted breathtaking artwork for over a decade. Using oil paint, mixed mediums like graphite, wax, and mica powder, her paintings evoke the vibrant hues of Southwest deserts, serene alpine lakes, and lush East Coast forests.

For Kelly, art is not just visual; it's an emotional journey, born from the excitement of discovering new places. The rugged textures and playful colors invite you to join her in exploring the wild and embracing nature's solitude.

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Her artistic expression has evolved into oil painting, featuring large canvases on wood cradled panels. Using oil paint, wax, colored pencils, and graphite, Kelly's art reflects the transformation from her formal education and years in the commercial fashion industry. Her love for color, once stifled, flourishes in vibrant, lively palettes, bringing authenticity and connection to each piece.

Nature remains Kelly's muse, influencing every stroke and color choice. Join her on the adventure – explore memories of time in nature, embracing the beauty and wonder that surrounds us.

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creamy iridescent paint swoosh
Behind the scenes of an art studio with an oil painting palette and art supplies
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