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I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from 2006-2010, and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design specializing in Knitwear.  Following graduation, I lived and worked  in New York City for just shy of a decade.  

My current work is primarily created in oil paint, but I often use wax, colored pencils, and graphite to add depth and interest to my work.  I love working on large paintings- and have embraced working on wood cradled panels.


My work is shaped by the studies from my initial career path as well a love for color that was typically stifled in the commercial fashion industry.  I draw inspiration from and hold a deep appreciation for nature.


About the Artist

Hello and thank you for visiting my online gallery!

My name is Kelly Frappier Larson and I am an American artist living in Denver, Colorado.  


I love painting bold landscapes inspired by places I've explored outdoors between the east coast and the American west.

As a life long creative spirit, I followed my childhood dream through college and started my career in the fashion industry.    When that industry proved to be less creative than expected- I rediscovered my love for painting and made it a big part of my life.

Out west

From my east coast roots, moving out to the Western US inspires my recent art.  Travelling around Colorado captured my imagination with the distinct shapes, colors, and landscapes of the American continent.  The ocean and bodies of water also feature heavily in my vividly colored landscapes.  While the subject of landscapes is typically thought of as traditional, my color palette brings a sense of playful wonder.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work- follow me on instagram and say hello!

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Invite memories of the outdoors into your home.

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