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Rocky Bank River Original Painting

Rocky Bank River Original Painting


'Rocky Bank River' depicts a hike alongside a calm, rocky shored river with the last colors of dawn in the sky.


If you've never been to Acadia, it's completely worth the trip. My advice: Grab yourself a lobster roll and take the scenic route along the coast for some showstopping views.


In the summer of 2021, I travelled to the east coast for what ended up beign a whirlwind trip across 5 states in New England. Beaches and river shorelines out there are often rocky due to how the coast was formed. This painting was inspired by areas of Acadia National Park- although while we were it was misty and gray.



  • Hand painted with artisan crafted oil paint with on 5/8" depth stretched oval canvas.

  • This painting is left unvarnished to highlight the mixed media details.

  • Signed and dated by the artist with accompanying certificate of authenticity

  • Pre-stretched canvas arrives wired to hang.