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Moon Valley Glow Original Painting

Moon Valley Glow Original Painting


'Moon Valley Glow' shows what it feels like to be far out from civilization.

Sometimes even a sliver of moonlight is all you need to get by.

This piece was inspired by a trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park a couple of years ago. I refer to is as 'the most romantic nightmare' as a joke with my husband- because while beautiful- it was also a bit of... well, a nightmare. I had optimistically brought a couple of canvases to play with at night around the fire while we were camping- but ended up using them to swat the horde of mosquitos that the very wet spring had in store for us. I think if I had been warned of the mosquito population before we left, I still would have waved it off as inconsequential- but it ended up being so bad we didn't even stay the whole time. Before we left- we had one night of hiking into the shifting sands in the moonlight- though the memory of this painting was taken at our almost sprint of a retreat from the clouds of mosquitos as we ran through the dunes back to camp.


·        Dimensions: 18”x24”, 1 1/2” deep

·        Year Completed: 2022

·        Hand painted with artisan crafted oil paints on stretched canvas.

·        This painting is left unvarnished to highlight and preserve mixed media details.

·        Signed and dated by the artist with accompanying certificate of authenticity.

·        Shipped pre-stretched on the stretcher bars for canvas sizes under 36”x36”

·        Pre-stretched canvases and wood cradled panels arrive wired to hang.