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Dusk River Valley Original Painting

Dusk River Valley Original Painting


"Dusk River Valley" presents a memory of a calling it a night to set up camp as the dusk rolls in.  A River nearby and the layers of hills and mountains ahead are tomorrow's adventure to come.

I've always found the colors just before dusk sets into be the hardest to capture.

Lost Park in Park County CO has some gorgeous open range areas to explore and camp.  It's within an expansive valley nestled over to one side where the mountains there start to rise up again.  The photo that inspired this painting was taken during the sunset of a hilariously terrible start to a camping trip.  Bees everywhere, one dog rolling in a cow patty, the other dog finding a giant new cow friend to play with... we had half a mind to call it a day!  We ended up changing campsites, tying up the dogs on long lead and having a wonderful time.


·        Dimensions: 20”x24”

·        Year Completed: 2022

·        Hand painted with artisan crafted oil paints on canvas panel.

·        This painting is left unvarnished to highlight and preserve mixed media details.

·        Signed and dated by the artist with accompanying certificate of authenticity.

·        Painting is framed with a simple black frame as shown in photo.